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QMT Applications: August 2014
Synchronised positioning

Laser line displacement sensors are used for positioning synchroniser discsNon-contact laser line displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are playing a pivotal role in the automatic positioning of synchroniser discs during production. The discs, which are manufactured for use in automatic vehicle transmissions, need to be accurately positioned under a laser prior to deburring.

Two optoNCDT 1700LL laser line displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are mounted to a purpose-built handling and processing machine manufactured by Behr Systems GmbH. The sensors are mounted at two different measuring points on the machine, from which they are able to accurately measure the distance to the surface of the synchroniser discs. The sensors are mechanically shielded and so measurement data is unaffected by the close proximity high temperature (500W) deburring laser. The sensors for this particular application have a measuring range of 20mm and operate at a wavelength of 900nm to 1070nm. Ambient operating temperature is from 10°C to +50°C. Linearity is less than 50µm.

The optoNCDT 1700LL is a non-contact laser line triangulation displacement sensor that is ideal for the high speed measurement of shiny metallic and rapidly changing, rough or other difficult-to-measure surfaces. Rather than using a spherical or point-shaped laser spot, the sensor uses a unique laser line and special software algorithms to filter out any interference caused by very small (sub-micrometre) surface defects on shiny objects such as polished metals and mild steel. The sensor uses a special cylindrical lens that widens the laser spot to an oval shape. Although this shape appears as oval to the human eye, the actual shape is a very small line. Measurements using this laser line are then averaged using Micro-Epsilon’s patented software algorithms, so that any interference caused by surface roughness, defects, indentations or holes down in the sub-micrometre range – are dramatically reduced.The optoNCDT 1700LL is ideal for measuring on structured surfaces, where the distance to the surface and not the structure itself needs to be measured.
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