QMT News: February 2013
Editor's comment: A quality perception

One of the articles in this issue  (see 3D Virtualisation) concerns the subject of  perceived quality. What’s that and what’s it got to do with metrology? Everything! Every product that is manufactured and assembled is subject to some degree of geometric variation. That’s the nature of the production process.

Understanding variation, by accounting for the capabilities of existing or proposed manufacturing processes and by calculating accumulated tolerances and the effects these will have on the form, fit and function of parts and assemblies, is therefore a crucial aspect of the design, engineering and manufacturing process – all of which underpin the goal of achieving consistently high perceived quality

In recent years, a new type of software, known generically as ‘3D virtualisation’ software, has been developed specifically to address the matter of perceived quality. It creates high-quality visualisations of a new product, not in the nominal, as-designed form of its 3D CAD model but as it will actually be manufactured, complete with all the variations in gap and flush, as well as buckling and twisting, that will affect its appearance.

Automotive manufacturers are now employing the software is to improve the perceived quality of vehicles. 3D virtualisation of actual tolerance stack are now part of their tool kit. Enjoy your read.

 Brendan Coyne
- Editor QMT
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