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QMT Products: July 2016
Scalable automated testing

At Control, Tinius Olsen gave a live demonstration of how it has increased the flexibility of its automation and system integration, by adding vertical tensile testers to its automated capabilities.

By adding vertical testers, it has expanded the loading range at both low loads and at high loads using its standard ST series of electromechanical test frames (from 1kN capacity to 300kN capacity) and SL series hydraulic materials testing machines (from 300kN to 1,000kN capacity).

Other kinds of physical test equipment can be added to the automated testing area, such as an automated hardness tester, as was demonstrated at Control. The addition of a series of storage racks for specimens with all identifiers contained on their unique bar codes, a bar code reader and a dimension measuring system and a robot means that the entire system can be loaded with specimens and simply left alone to run by itself.

Adding to the flexibility of Tinius Olsen automation systems, more test equipment can be added into the mix. If need be, additional tensile testers can be added, as an example, and be configured to perform a flexural test so that when prompted by the barcode information, the robot places the specimen into the tensile strength tester or the flexural strength tester. Alternatively, or even additionally, a hardness tester can be put into the mix so that the hardness value is measured and included in the test report.

The key to the success for these scalable automated testing systems is Tinius Olsen’s powerful Horizon materials testing software, common to all systems and the ‘brains’ behind it all. Horizon sends instructions to each piece of equipment and records the resultant data as it moves each specimen through the entire testing process. Once complete, Horizon will generate a comprehensive test report on the mechanical performance of the entire batch.
Marketing Director Wayne Harrison told QMT: “We had a lot of interest at the show from quality managers in a whole range of industries who rapidly grasped the vast scope of possibilities and the benefit to their testing program; the other benefit our visitors saw was the power of our Horizon software and its ability to control and measure multiple testing machines.”
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