QMT Features: October 2016
Magnetic performance
Innomech has developed a high speed packaging system for ST Technologies

A new system incorporating a laser micrometer will help SG Technologies, which produces high performance magnetic components, to more than double the production capacity for one of its highest volume products.

Innomech has designed the new system to automate a particularly labour-intensive and repetitive product packaging process for a series of components that are used within automotive fuel injectors.  The new fully customised system gives SG Technologies the option to increase production throughput for this product line by 150%, while also improving its manufacturing process efficiency and reducing work in progress.
The automated system eliminates all manual handling of finished magnetic components as they are being transferred from work in progress trays into specially-designed packaging trays ready for shipment.  It has also been configured to handle two distinct product families, each containing multiple variants and without requiring any manual adjustment. 

The system works by gently sweeping the components onto a conveyor belt, a high speed laser micrometer verifies the height of each part to within a few microns, and then a Codian ‘pick and place’ robot transfers five components at a time into a packaging tray.

“Innomech has developed the ideal system to automate a potentially rate-limiting product packaging process and to provide us with increased flexibility and capacity to meet fast-growing and changing customer demands.  The system also removes any risk of potential damage to products through manual handling which is critical in our drive towards zero defect manufacturing and even greater process efficiencies,” said Stuart Hutcheon, commercial director at SG Technologies.
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