QMT News: October 2010
Calculate the cost of doing nothing
Proskills Academy for Materials, Production and Supply, has recently launched its Predicator Calculator, aimed at helping businesses across its industries calculate the cost of not investing in training for staff.  The Predicator tool is designed to help businesses identify where training is required and also where it has proved successful.

The Predicator tool, which is part of a range of products and services from Proskills Academy designed to achieve bottom line improvement through skills, can highlight the amount of wastage a business has.

Imagine you have a team of 8, each of whom you pay £20,000 per year.   If they are only performing at 70% of their potential that's £48,000 in wasted salary before you even begin looking at the wider impact on the bottom line.
Some companies spend a fortune on training to increase productivity, enhance employee retention and reduce waste but the investment in training needs to be in areas that will deliver the highest impact to a business.  However, not all companies measure the success the training has had on the company, and the cost savings that have been made.

Predictor also allows employers to estimate where their current performance lies, highlights the gaps in performance for a particular job type and suggests where investment in skills training will add the greatest value.
Proskills claim that by evaluating the current performance of your workforce and calculating how much value you could add to your business through investment in targeted skills training,  you will see an improvement in staff performance. 
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