QMT Features: September 2011
Reaching the heights of deep bore hole measurement
Hone-All Precision can machine components of up to 300mm diameter and 3m in length, often in difficult-to-machine materials such as inconel and hastelloy

Hone-All Precision, specialists in  deep-hole boring, CNC honing, CNC Turning and CNC gun drilling, can precisely machine components of up to 300mm diameter and 3m in length, often in difficult-to-machine materials such as inconel and hastelloy.

The company is able to produce high length-to-depth ratio holes, whilst guaranteeing excellent surface finish and straightness characteristics. for example,  a surface finish of 0.8micron Ra/32 and a total run-out (TIR) of 0.025mm/25.4mm can be achieved through the company’s advanced deep-hole drilling techniques. Components requiring deep-hole drilling of up to 30mm diameter include, con rods, drive shafts, electronic housings, injection mould tools, actuators and landing gear.

To help satisfy growing demand for the company’s specialist machining expertise, especially from the aerospace and oil & gas sectors, Hone-All Precision has also recently completed an extensive upgrading and refurbishment programme on its four deep-hole boring machines, providing an additional 20 per cent deep-hole boring production capacity.

Recently, the company purchased an advanced range of long reach bore gauges from Bowers Metrology UK. Hone-All director Andrea Rodney said. “Although our previously used bore gauges remained serviceable, as part of our continuous improvement programme, we investigated the available systems that would improve the accuracy, repeatability and speed of use of our in-process and final inspection bore gauging routines. Having dismissed the alternatives for not matching our exacting specifications, following a successful demonstration, we were happy to buy Bowers’ XT Xtreme bore gauges. Rather than supplying equipment that was a ‘close-match’ to Hone-All’s requirements, Bowers were able to adapt and accessorise XT Xtreme digital bore gauges, transforming them into the perfect bore gauging system for our particular needs.

Not only were Bowers able to provide length extensions to allow us to very accurately measure 3 meters down inside bores, as standard anvils had the potential to leave marks on precisely ground internal surfaces, they also fitted each of our new measuring heads with specially ground spherical anvils.”  

Bowers’ XT Xtreme’s advanced bore gauging range has an IP65 rating, rendering them resistant to coolant, water and air-born particles. This makes them ideal for achieving very precise results within hostile measuring environments such as in close proximity to machine tools. Useful features include  a clear digital display, metric/inch conversion, an RS 232 output and hardwearing extended travel carbide measuring anvils. Available to measure internal diameters of up to 500mm, in addition to long reach applications, Bowers are also able to manufacture inexpensive ‘one-off’ XT instruments to cater for many other internal measuring applications, such as threads, grooves, splines and so on.

Andrea Rodney continues. “Now in regular use, for both on-machine measurement routines and within our Inspection Department, our XT Xtreme bore gauges allow us to achieve micron accuracy on the shop floor. The new Bowers instruments are already making a significant contribution to the accuracy of our output, and through their speed of operation, helping to reducing our lead times.”
email: sales@bowers.co.uk


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