QMT Features: November 2010
Game changer
Claiming to eclipses anything offered in the marketplace, the new Focus3D is a high-performance, portable 3D laser scanner from Faro.

“This is a game changer,” claimed David Homewood, Faro UK’s vice president. Pointing the new FARO Laser Scanner, Focus3D, first shown to a UK audience of journalists at the gleaming hi-tech Mclaren Technology Centre on 12 October, he held it aloft, using only one arm, for all to see, “Focus3D is the smallest and lightest 3D laser scanner ever built. This innovation is known as disruptive technology -  it marks a step change from what went before.”

Focus3D is a high-performance 3D laser scanner for detailed measurement and documentation with intuitive touch screen control that makes it as easy to operate as a digital camera. It is four times lighter and five times smaller than its predecessor.

Producing incredibly detailed three-dimensional images of complex environments and geometries wthin minutes,  the resulting image is an assembly of millions of 3D measurement points in colour which provides an exact digital reproduction of existing conditions.

The new scanner is suitable for documentation of large environments, quality control of components and reverse engineering. Due to its millimetre-accuracy and its 976,000 measurement points/second, the Focus3D offers an efficient and precise method for measurement and 3D documentation of building construction, excavation volumes, façade and structural deformations, crime scenes, accident sites, product geometry, factories, process plants and more.

Entirely self-contained, meaning no additional devices, cables or laptop are needed, with  dimensions of 24 x 20 x 10cm and a weight of 5kg, the Focus3D is so compact and mobile that users can always take it with them, wherever they go.

Focus3D deploys an integrated colour camera with automatic and parallax free colour overlay for photo-realistic 3D scans. Its integrated lithium-ion high-performance battery provides up to five hours of battery life and can be charged during operation. Furthermore, all scans are stored on a SD card enabling easy and secure data transfer to a computer.

The FARO Focus3D is compatible with many common software applications. The flexible interfaces of SCENE, the scan processing software included with the Focus3D, enable connection to AutoCAD as well as many other CAD applications such as Rhino, Microstation, Geomagic, Polyworks and many others.
Oliver Bürkler, ttechnical product manager laser scanner at FARO Europe, explained some of the benefits of the new SCENE release.

“SCENE 4.7 incorporates the new one-click Web-Share functionality  The SCENE Web-Share feature allows for easy and secure sharing of scan data via the Internet. Scanned images can now be put on the Internet by just a click of a button, thus enabling users like engineers architects, to share scan information with their customers, suppliers and partners without the need of additional software. This will help customers improve the efficiency of their projects.

The new Web-Share functionality is natively built into the SCENE software and requires no additional software to publish the scan data on the web. Today there is no company on the market able to offer this package at these conditions.
SCENE is based on a completely new software foundation which enables us to offer a 64 bit version as well as a version for 32 bit Windows systems. The new 64 bit architecture extends the usable memory eliminating the limitations given by a 32bit operating system. This allows for a more efficient point cloud handling and visualization.

A feature that really helps customers in their day-by-day activity is the new Documentation object. Users can now mark points of interest in the scan data, adding comments and attaching any kind of document to the scans. This allows extending point clouds with additional information using hyperlink technology.
Finally the new powerful Quick View provides all tools to work on the scan data in undistorted 360° visualization.”

David Homewood said that all the improvements and features of the new Focus3D, eclipses anything offered in the marketplace. But  instead of pricing the technology accordingly, FARO has dropped the price by half that of any current laser scanning system.l


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Rob Tremain Photographer
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