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QMT Products: December 2014
Pipeline integrity assessment

Creaform’s new Pipecheck 3.0 is its new and upgraded pipeline integrity assessment software. Combined with the HandySCAN 3D™ handheld laser scanner, the new Pipecheck version can now be used in complex situations that could hardly be addressed before.

Optical measurement is gaining in popularity in NDT applications and the oil & gas industry is increasingly wanting to find fast and reliable ways to assess pipeline integrity.

The new Pipecheck software can differentiate between the depth of material loss and deformation due to mechanical damage. It is claimed to be the only software that can extract data on corrosion depth inside an area that has suffered mechanical damage.

All pipeline operators are aware of the potential impact of a catastrophic failure that complex or combined damage can lead to. Being able to measure accurately the damage contribution to pipeline integrity will directly increase the users’ level of confidence in their pipeline integrity management program, resulting in a lower maintenance cost and a reduced risk of costly failure. Featuring numerous key functionalities that allow a better understanding of dents and localized surface deformations, this new version of Pipecheck will generate instant results, a key factor in the reduction of maintenance costs.

Another major development is the built-in straightening operation for assessment on field bends. In many cases, small mechanical damage is found on field bends, mainly introduced by human manipulation when building the pipeline or by soil movement, ice, etc. Traditional methods for depth measurement such as pit gauges can’t be used accurately since the pipe curvature often introduces depths value that do not represent the material loss or pipe geometry deformations. The straightening tool uses powerful algorithms that extract the pipe’s center-line and straightens the full segment. The material loss or mechanical damage can then be assessed with the virtual Pipecheck’s pit-gauge tool.
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