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QMT Products: April 2011
3D scanning at Control 2011 exhibition, Stuttgart

A total of well over 800 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries will be showing at the Control exhibition, being held 3rd to 6 th May 2011 at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre , Germany. All the major global quality, metrology and test companies will be there, with many using this event to launch new products. We look at  some of the companies presenting  new products for 3D scanning and digitizing:

GOM, on Stand 3330 in Hall 3,  will  present ATOS Triple Scan, the new generation of mobile 3D digitizers. The mobile ATOS Triple Scan 3DcontrolSmall digitizer  comes with totally new projection technoloGomweb1gy (Blue Light Technology) and introduces a 3-in-1 sensor concept for the very first time. The new technology of ATOS Triple Scan offers even greater resolution and accuracy for fine structures and edges, and supplies full-field 3D data for complex components within shortest time. Measurement performance has been significantly improved, especially for shiny surfaces. In combination with the parametric GOM Inspect Professional software package for analysis of measurement data, customers profit now from both faster and traceable quality control.

Breuckmann (Hall 7, Booth 7236) will present the broad range of their 3D scanning systems, among them the smartSCAN 3D series: the technical application spectrum of this scanner reaches from the contact-free scanning for reverse engineering via the digitBreuckmannWebal documentation all the way up to the automobile design and the quality control of components and serial parts.
Weighing just 4 kg, the smartSCAN 3D is universally employable and therefore ideal for mobile or on-site applications. The sensor configuration allows scanning processes using 30°, 20° und 10° triangulation angles, allowing also very complex object areas and geometries to be measured at a high level to detail.

Creaform, (Control hall 5, booth 5108) one of the world's leading manufacturer of 3D optical measurement technologies, presents solutions for 3D inspection and 3D scanning at the Control Show. Creaform's HandyPROBE arm-free probing system is increasingly used for 3D inspection applications such as part-to-CAD analysis, conformity assessmMetraSCANwebent of 3D models, first article inspection, alignment and tooling certification. The HandyPROBE combined to the C-Track offers high precision measurements, and that, even if the C-Track sensor or the part is moved during the measurement process. This feature proves particularly useful in real work environments and shop floors, as it allows data acquisition of hard-to-reach areas and measurement in environments with vibrations and requires no rigid set-ups.
Creaform will release its new VXtrack dynamic tracking software module during CONTROL. Teamed with Creaform's C-Track dual camera optical sensor, VXtrack dynamic tracking can be used to simultaneously and continuously measure positions and orientations in space with great precision. The VXtrack module has numerous applications such as robot calibration and guidance, monitoring of complex assembly processes, real-time compensation of machining tool-generated errors and monitoring of deformations during testing and can be useful in various industries such as aerospace, automotive, robotics, biomechanics and non-destructive testing (NDT).

Delcam will launch the 2011 R2 version of its PowerINSPECT inspection software on stand 3514 at the Control exhibition.. The new release is the first version developed for use on 64-bit computers. Other enhancements include improved visualisation of the results, easier creation of automated inspection routines, full integration of DRO (Digital Read-Out) functionality and support for the latest Renishaw probes.

PowerINSPECT hardware-independent inspection software  combines the ability to work with all types of inspection device with a comprehensive range of inspection routines for making simple measurements, for inspecting geometric features and for checking complex surfaces. The resulting reports present detailed information in easy-to-read formats that cPowerINSPECTweb1an be understood by all engineers, not just inspection specialists.

The introduction of support for 64-bit computers will enable increased memory use on that hardware. This will be of benefit for more memory-intensive applications where larger CAD files need to be manipulated, especially for very complex parts and multi-component assemblies.

Two developments will make it easier to see results from PowerINSPECT. Firstly, dimensions can now be displayed on the CAD view to give clearer reporting for distances between features. Secondly, point cloud data can now be shaded. This gives an immediate impression of the shape of the scan and allows the user to see at a glance whether sufficient data has been collected. It will also make it easier to select key points or specific areas from within the cloud of data.

The initial 2011 release of PowerINSPECT added the ability to create automatically a grid of points for an inspection routine. The R2 version also allows automatic generation of probe paths from curves in CAD models. The spacing of the measurement points is set to match the control points on the curve.


PS: See QMT magazine personnel on Stand 7110 at Control 2011, Stuttgart, 3-6 May



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