QMT News: August 2011
National Measurement Strategy for 2011 – 2015 launched

The National Measurement Office has launched its National Measurement Strategy for 2011 – 2015. The strategy is designed to exploit the UK Government's investment in measurement research to support economic growth and to improve the UK's competitiveness and scientific excellence across all areas of business and government.

The Strategy was launched by David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science, at the Royal Society's Summer Science Exhibition. The strategy will be led by the National Measurement Office and delivered through the world leading research facilities at the National Physical Laboratory, LGC and NEL.Ongoing support of measurement is critical to meeting the challenges of modern life.

Good measurement allows us to understand the effects of climate change, ensures medical treatments effectively target disease, and enables high-quality products to be designed and produced. Accurate measurement also increases our understanding of the universe and provides the basis of much scientific research.The Government will invest around £240m over the next four years in providing and developing the UK's scientific and legal measurement infrastructure.

Commenting on the launch, David Willetts said: "The National Measurement System strategy will pave the way for the continued development of our world leading measurement infrastructure by giving UK businesses confidence in the quality of measurement standards and stimulating innovation in new measurement techniques. British science and engineering has measurement at its heart and the UK can be proud of the advances made over the centuries. This tradition continues today in our established measurement infrastructure that underpins economic growth, business enterprise, commercial transactions and consumer confidence. Through the strategy, the national investment in measurement science will be exploited to the benefit of UK business to generate new knowledge, and promote growth and innovation."

Dr Brian Bowsher, Managing Director of NPL, said: "Measurement is often overlooked but without it we wouldn't be able to live our lives as we do. Advances in measurement have led to innovations such as high-speed digital communications, GPS and satellite technology. NPL have even measured materials in Formula 1 cars, lighting effects on old masters and the crunchiness of biscuits. Measurement helps contribute billions of pounds to the UK and global economies every year. The ongoing commitment of the Government to measurement will ensure the UK remains a world leading centre of science, business and innovation."



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