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QMT Products: August 2014
3D handheld portable scanners

Creaform has launched two new versions of the Go!SCAN3D handheld scanner. Both versions provide are said to offer fast and reliable 3D measurements, while offering users an easy portable 3D scanning experience.

The scanners are said to be ideally suited to general scanning applications, especially reverse engineering and modelling. The Go!SCAN50 was designed to measure the shape of medium to larger parts, typically 300mm upwards, and therefore offers optimal flexibility when scanning a wide range of objects. The Go!SCAN20 is specifically designed for use with smaller objects, typically 5cm to 50cm in size, and delivers maximum resolution on objects with intricate details. The Go!SCAN20 is purpose designed as the perfect companion for 3D printers, as it fulfils all of the accuracy and detail requirements while focusing on the typical 3D printer measuring volume.

The new generation of Go!SCAN3D builds on the technology of the previous generation of Creaform scanners and typically allow objects to be scanned in 5 minutes or less with an accuracy of up to 0.1 mm and resolution of up to 0.2 mm.The scanners produce full-colour 3D models, allowing users to simultaneously capture high-quality geometry, along with surface texture and colour.The scanning process is very simple, enabling new users to quickly generate high quality scan data. No preparation or complicated setup is required, so the scanner is up and running in less than 2 minutes, and there is no need to use a positioning device, such as a measuring arm.

Creaform also launched the VXModel post treatment software for 3D scan data. The software enables rapid finalization of 3D scan data for direct use in 3D printing or CAD modelling applications, without the need to invest in high-end third party
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