QMT Features: January 2008
MEDTEC 2008 preview
Non contact measurement and inspection systems feature at MEDTEC 2008, the UK's showcase for suppliers of medical technologies.

MEDTEC UK, formerly the MDT show, is the fast-growing showcase for  suppliers of medical technology. It is part of five co-located events, designed to deliver access to a full spectrum of manufacturing solutions.

In addition to MEDTEC UK, the other four events include 3C (Complete Clean Room event), Mtec (sensors, measurement, and instrumentation), Machine Building, and IPOT and are all being held at the NEC, Birmingham on the 13th and 14th February 2008.  

 MEDTEC  provides a platform for suppliers of medical grade materials, components, electronics, computer-aided design and manufacturing, production machinery, packaging, sterilization, quality systems and device communications. MEDTEC 2008 also features a two day conference covering the issues of regulation, product development and R&D, validation and new and enabling technologies for healthcare.

Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology will introduce METROTOM, a powerful computer tomograph for industrial applications. The system makes visible the interior of a workpiece normally inaccessible to probing or optical sensors.
With a combination of computed tomography and traditional metrology, Carl Zeiss has begun what it calls a new chapter in metrology - metrotomography. During this process, a computer tomograph uses x-rays to non-destructively scan the interior and exterior of complex and small workpieces and then very accurately display the results as a 3D image. The procedure is similar to the x-ray technology used in medicine.

Metrotomography can be used for assembly checks and damage analysis, material inspections, and porosity and defect analysis. Parts up to 350 mm can be inspected depending on the material – steel, alloys, ceramic and plastic, for example.
The computer tomographic inspection of workpieces is very fast. Completely new advantages of the technology are now available with Zeiss measuring software Calypso. Calypso provides comparisons to nominal geometries where only visual inspections were possible in the past. Continuous monitoring of development up to the prototype is possible using the measuring results from Calypso.

Workpieces, casting and assembly procedures can be modified during the development phase. The added benefit is the process start-up time is reduced and development costs lowered. CAD models have become an absolutely indispensable tool in manufacturing today. Using the METROTOM computer tomography, a complete digital image of each “scanned” workpiece enables generation of fast, highly accurate data during the development of the design, essentially providing the ability to create entire CAD data sets of complex interior structures that cannot be digitised or measured using traditional methods.

Vision Engineering (stand 733) is demonstrating its full range of non-contact metrology range and stereo microscopes including the new look Lynxx stereo zoom microscope at Medtec 2008.
New look Lynxx benefits from many features ideal for medical device manufacturing including a patented eyepieceless viewing head presenting fatigue free viewing, promoting both accuracy and productivity.
In addition the Lynxx benefits from bright white LED illumination, excellent for colour rendition and surface inspection.  The long working distances of the Lynxx allows for the room required for manipulation such as the removal of burrs under magnification. wwww.medtecshowuk.com

3DX-RAY will be highlighting its automated in-line x-ray inspection system, X-Line. This provides internal imaging and fault detection – even in difficult cases such as plastic components in plastic or metal containers, or where the precise 3D alignment of a needle is needed. It  helps ensure that complex medical devices are fault-free and can be used to check for sharps amongst high volumes of waste.

X-Line can measure the position of an array of features, in three dimensions, down to around the width of a human hair (100 µm), at line speeds in excess of 80 m/min. It integrates 3DX-Ray’s X-Line camera with a suite of software that can control the system, store and analyse x-ray image-based information and output application-specific data.


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