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Control 2013 preview
Control 2013 – International Trade Fair for Quality Assurance, Stuttgart Exhibition Centre, Germany, 14 to 17 May 2013

Once again, the world’s leading technical and trade fair for the quality control and quality assurance industries will be held in Stuttgart, Germany on 14 to 17th May. With  900 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and exhibition floor space amounting to 590,000 square feet, the Control international trade fair for quality assurance is the benchmark for the industry sector. The organisers, P.E. Schall anticipate that over 25,000 visitors  from around the world will attend this year.

Hexagon Metrology (Stand 5302, Hall 5) will be showing the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 Version 2.0. This new firmware version offers improved system responsiveness compared to the previous product generations. Together with PowerLock vision technology, enhanced wireless operation and out of the box measurements, the new firmware makes the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 the most portable 3D Absolute Tracker for traditional inspection tasks or for fully guided measurement processes.

The new version of the Leica Absolute Tracker AT401 also comes with a series of functionality improvements. Users can now select between four predefined measurement profiles that adjust the instrument settings to any measurement condition at the click of a button. Operators no longer need to worry about complicated settings like the number of samples, or measurement frequency. In addition to the standard mode offering top performance for daily operation, users can easily change settings for applications that require exceptional speed or accuracy or even for outdoor measurement tasks.

At Control 2013,  North Star Imaging Europe  (Stand 5134, Hall 5), will introduce  a further extension to its existing range of X-ray test systems for large sized objects, and give a first insight into their developments in 4D Computed Tomography.

4D Computed Tomography, or 4D CT, is NSI’s latest, patent pending development in the realm of industrial X-ray inspection for the Nondestructive Testing industry, opening the possibility to study objects that have moving internal parts. This capability was made possible by a culmination of multiple innovations over the last 5 years, such as the company’s GPU (graphics processing unit) reconstruction process combined with the rapid development of computer hardware speed, which have significantly reduced time to scan and reconstruct a 3D CT model from days to just seconds. The results of 4D Computed Tomography can be played like a movie while the user simultaneously slices through and inspects the internal functionality of the object at any angle to simultaneously study structure, form and function for the first time in the industry.
To date, 4D CT has successfully been used to study the function of moving parts in mechanical gear assemblies, thermal switches, and even hydrodynamic flow.

Delcam (Stand 3514, Hall 3) will launch the 2013 release of its PowerINSPECT inspection software  at the Control exhibition.  The new version offers dual-device inspection options that allow measurement with two portable devices at the same time.  PowerINSPECT is believed to be the only inspection software that supports simultaneous operation of different types of device, including laser scanning, from different manufacturers.

Other enhancements in the new version include improved handling of point-cloud data, group editing of probing parameters, graphical editing of boundaries for raster-based inspection, more flexibility in programming dual-column CMMs, and easier measurement and marking out when using PowerINSPECT for clay modelling.

At Control, GOM (Stand 3330, Hall 3) will be showing  the ATOS ScanBox, a mobile 3D measuring machine, now available in three versions. The ATOS ScanBox 6130, for components with a diameter of up to three metres is the newest ad-dition to its ATOS ScanBox series.

Equipped with the ATOS Triple Scan 3D sensor, the ATOS ScanBox is an industrial optical 3D measuring machine. In contrast to conventional tactile coordinate measuring machines (CMM) the ATOS ScanBox, however, is not stationary but can be set up and put into operation within one to two days.  GOM's mobile and ready-to-use complete solution provides additional func-tions, such as complete surface measurements of small and large components, easily comprehensible visualizations of the results for highly precise troubleshooting, as well as detailed reporting.
The ATOS ScanBox already comprises all the elements required for fully automatic 3D digitizing and inspection. The completely integrated system includes hardware, software, industrial safety, documentation and a worldwide customer support. No additional planning or investment is required from the user - all that is needed on-site is a single power socket for bringing the measuring cell into service.

Instron (Stand 1522, Hall 1) will introduce newly developed accessories and software extensions for materials testing systems. These innovations include high-precision grips, an automatic contacting extensometer, and new software modules; all of them designed to minimize possible sources for inaccuracies in the test lab, as well as the time required for the execution and evaluation of test runs. A major topic at Instron’s booth  will be composites testing technologies.
The new precision manual wedge grips provide reliable gripping as well as repeatable alignment that meets NADCAP requirements. Available in two capacities – 100 kN and 250 kN – the robust manual wedge action self-centring grips are ideal for demanding tensile tests on composites, metals, and plastics over a range of temperatures from –80 °C to +250 °C.

Bowers Metrology Group
(Stand 7105, Hall 7)  will be exhibiting the company’s analogue and digital bore gauges at Control, including the recently launched MicroGauge. The 2-point MicroGauge bore-gauging system features a completely new, integral digital readout and has been designed specifically for the accurate measurement of bores from 1.0 - 6.0 mm.

Also being demonstrated will be Bowers XT Digital Xtreme internal micrometers, these instruments give the operator the benefit of traditional quality ratchet gauges, allied to the advantage of advanced IP65 electronics. Featuring the same advanced electronics and operating system as Bowers XT range, the company’s XT Holematic Xtreme bore gauges incorporate an ergonomic pistol grip handle with an advanced trigger action, resulting in both speed of operation and a constant measuring pressure.
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