QMT Features: April 2008
Shopfloor scanning CMM debut at Control 2008
With its new 'plug and scan' DuraMax 3D coordinate measuring machine, Zeiss IMT brings low cost scanning to the smallest workshop,  replacing traditional gauging.

DuraMaxTM, from Carl Zeiss IMT, is a new, compact, 3D coordinate measuring machine (CMM) which brings scanning to the shopfloor. Featuring Zeiss VAST XXT sensor technology, it replaces  all types of gauges, from ring gauges to form measuring machines and  CMMs.
To be seen for the first time at Control 2008 exhibition in Stuttgart, Duramax is designed to be used in any size workshop or inline process control. DuraMax is suited for process control on the production floor, for the quick in-between inspection of small workpieces and for testing volume parts directly in production. DuraMax‘s  low total price, less than euro 50,000, means affordable access to ZEISS scanning for the shopfloor.,
 Scanning is a standard feature of DuraMax and its  ease of use makes this a scanning machine for everyone, say Zeiss. The VAST XXT scanning sensor employed scans with high speed to achieve precision measurements, providing dimensional information on the part features.  Also offered as standard is single-point probing. DuraMax is a CNC all-rounder that, when combined with CAD-based CALYPSO measuring software,  allows quick and easy inspection program changes should a component be   be modified.
Available as a tabletop CMM or with an optional base that can be loaded from four sides, Duramax  has a small footprint to measuring size. of 500 x 500 x 500mm. Its compact design allows the machine to be quickly moved to different locations within a facility – only a forklift is needed. Once connected to a power source, it is immediately ready for action as it does not require compressed air. Able to withstands harsh environments, DuraMax demonstrates high stability over a broad temperature range.  The MPE values range from 2.4 + L/300 µm at 18-22° C and 2.9 + L/200 µm at 18-30° C.  These, say Zeiss, are pioneering features in this entry class of CMMs.
While measuring, the passive vibration damping protects against mechanical vibrations from production. Glass ceramic length measuring systems for the three axes and axes protected with bellows, precise linear guideways and rigid, limited drives ensure precise measuring even under poor environmental conditions. The result is fast, reproducible measurements on the shopfloor during the  production process. l

PowerINSPECT now supports REVO
Delcam will launch Version 5 of its PowerINSPECT software on stand 3110 at Control 2008.
PowerINSPECT 5 inspection software supports Renishaw’s REVO for the verification of both geometric and free-form shapes on all major makes of CMM.  The combined solution offers faster and more accurate measurement of feature-rich parts, such as powertrain components, and complex doubly-curved surfaces, including those found in aerofoils and turbine blades.  
The new PowerINSPECT release incorporates proven five-axis simulation and collision avoidance technology from Delcam’s PowerMILL CAM system.  As a result, users can be confident that the inspection routines will operate safely and efficiently.
PowerINSPECT’s new ability to use multiple alignments within a single part will allow independent verification of distinct areas within the component.  This will make it simpler to identify the source of any error in a faulty example and so make it quicker and easier to rectify the problem.

Metris at Control 2008
Metris will present at Control 2008 its range of 3D hardware and software metrology systems,  including mechanical and optical CMMs, articulated arms, handheld and robotic laser scanners, large-volume measurement solutions and wheel/engine trackers.Metris K

The Metris K-Robot upgrades any industrial robot or actuator into a flexible, productive and accurate metrology solution for in-production-line inspection. The system’s Optical CMM dynamically tracks the position and orientation of K-Robot’s MMD laser scanner while it is running an automatic scanning job. As metrology components are an integral part of the robotic inspection solution, K-Robot does not require external metrology, reference part or CMM. By making laser scanning accuracy entirely independent from robot motion inaccuracy, K-Robot is able to accurately scan the inspected part and compare directly to the CAD model. K-Robot’s digital Metris MMD laser scanner is equipped with 40 infrared LEDs to make it visible for the Optical CMM from any direction, increasing robot flexibility and simplifying robot path programming.
As the Optical CMM tracks the robot scanner entirely independently, it does not require positional data from the robot. This simplifies the user interface and radically reduces communication overhead between robot and metrology. l


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