QMT Features: April 2012
Even more super precise bearing measurement
Surtronic’s rapid throughput system allows Barden Corporation to keep pace with  a high-volume of first-off bearings and undertake continuous sample batch roundness measurements

The Barden Corporation is a world leader in the field of designing and manufacturing super precision ball bearings for the global aerospace industry.  The Plymouth-based company manufactures  bearings in P4 (ABEC7) quality and above.

The critical functions performed by bearings, together with the intense demands placed upon them necessitates the application of the most stringent production standards and the operation of rigorous quality control systems. For these reasons, the global bearing industry is a vitally important sector for metrology company,  Taylor Hobson. As part of Taylor Hobson’s end-user product appraisal policy, a Surtronic R-series roundness checking device was loaned to Barden for  pre-launch evaluation. Derek Pitcher, The Barden Corporation, Plymouth Facility QA coordinator, explained.   “We currently employ 15 Taylor Hobson Talyrond instruments to ensure that the roundness and form of our output meets the most demanding of standards. We also use 6 Taylor Hobson Talysurf instruments to help guarantee that correct surface finish parameters are adhered to.

In the final development stage of the Taylor Hobson’s recently launched Surtronic R-series, I was asked to take a pre-launch loan model for evaluation. Although the supplied Surtronic R-series proved to be a first-rate instrument, I was happy to suggest several minor improvements, which were subsequently implemented by Taylor Hobson.
Having been impressed by Taylor Hobson’s leap in technology and the outstanding performance of the new instrument throughout the course of our loan period, to help keep pace with the current high demand for our products, we recently bought a Surtronic R-series instrument. Since being put into operation, the speed and accuracy of our new roundness checker has prompted the purchase of a second model.

Our Surtronic’s rapid throughput system allows us to keep pace with our high-volume of ‘first-off’ bearings and undertake continuous sample batch roundness measurements. Also, the sturdy nature of our new instruments means that they are able to deliver extremely precise results within shop floor environments, throughout our 3 shift working system.

As our new Surtronic R-series instruments have a quick loading method and rapid operating characteristics, they are able to handle high volumes of extremely precise roundness measurements. Not only do the precise roundness measurements help us in our quest for zero defects, the generated data allows us to control our production processes.”

Performing at nanometric levels of resolution and accuracy, Taylor Hobson’s new roundness/cylindricity measuring instruments allow sub-micron analysis of precision components in fully or semi-automated CNC operation.

A rapid throughput system means the instruments are able to accurately check 3 parts per minute, including set-up time. Although many times faster than traditional benchtop roundness systems, the Surtronic R-series experiences no loss of precision or accuracy. Full ISO compliant measurements can be taken with ±25 nm accuracy and 6 nm gauge resolution.

The Surtronic R-series was designed for constant 24 hour, 7 days a week operation within demanding shop floor environments. Through the use of Taylor Hobson’s patented gauge orientation system, changing instrument orientation from roundness to flatness or internal to external measurement mode, takes seconds.
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Rob Tremain Photographer
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