QMT News: September 2007
Editor's comment

“Just give us the stuff to do the job” might be the sort of answer a market researcher might get told by a busy manufacturing or test engineer, when trying to spec out the ideal measurement or test product. Get it right, and there’s money to be made. But the right product for the job has clearly changed in recent years. For a start , many companies actually believed their expensively hired business guru’s and got rid of so called non-core activities, along with all the associated people, skills and experience. Personnel who knew what measurement was about - how to apply,  interpret and get results on the shopfloor, in engineering - and even in the design area - have gone. Some companies have woken up to to this as the skill deficit  has started to show.  Maybe it takes a few years to sink in, but often there’s not a lot the company can do to rectify this painful situation. The skilled people with specialist knowledge have all gone elsewhere,  are  retired  or perhaps are working for companies supplying precisely the measurement and test services they got rid of in the first place. So whereas, in previous eras, the right measurement or test instrument was a box which could be left with the manufacturing company to integrate and apply to their needs, today, these same companies want a magic box. It must come fully integrated, be intuitively operated and easily programmable by non specialists, with results  fully analysed to customisable formats. In short, a plug and play approach to the business of measurement, whatever the parameters addressed. That busy engineer has got a lot on his plate without having to spend too much time figuring out to apply all this wonderful measurement and test technology
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Rob Tremain Photographer
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