QMT News: April 2012
Editor’s comment: All tweeted out

The world of IT seems to be growing exponentially. Every time I visit some website or other there is yet another icon added - facebook, twitter, youtube, blogs, texting,  etc. It’s becoming rather like the collection of boy scout badges.

Are we getting to the point of information and communication overload - a veritable tsunami of often quite inane and pointless information tweeted or videoed to a world full of noise? At some point, it is going to be difficult to filter out what is valuable and worthwhile from  all this white noise. With emails, we already seem to have reached the point of virtual redundancy. It’s not untypical for  people to say they have couple of thousand unread emails sitting on their system. Ask yourself, how many emails do you open? Just a few percent is typical.

However, it is obvious that these IT technologies of cloud, social and mobility  are driving significant changes across many industries.  They have the potential to improve competitiveness by increasing collaboration with suppliers and customers - but the consumerisation of IT, social media and mobility has exposed new blind spots in IT management, leading to greater business risks.  One of which is the development of unrealistic expectations around the role of IT. To explore this theme more, see our feature on page 16.

Brendan Coyne

Editor QMT

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