QMT News: August 2007
Measurement Solutions appointed UK partner for Kreon laser scanners
Measurement Solutions have cemented the growth of their 3D scanning capabilities by forming a new strategic partnership with Kreon Technologies of France.

Kreon laser scanners can be used in conjunction with any make or model of fixed bed CMM or portable measuring arm, plus other types of portable measuring device. The latest range of scanners incorporate many unique features that set the products well in advance of other "standard" scanners. All Kreon laser scanners incorporate a unique, integrated Renishaw touch probe capability, such that the scanner can be used as a traditional touch probe device or as a high-tech laser scanner, without having to change probes, recalibrate, or disturb the measuring process in any way. The scanners also have an integrated Renishaw connector, so that they are fully compatible with Renishaw PH10, MIH, and probe changers for automated applications, and are extremely compact such that they are not cumbersome in operation.

Kreon have also taken the step to have the scanner technology fully integrated within the latest Metrolog XG software. For the first time ever, it is now possible to use a combined touch trigger probe and laser scanner within a single piece of measuring and analysis software, specifically designed for 3D inspection purposes. This functionality removes the need to use one software for normal measuring, and totally different software for scanning applications, according to the measurement requirements. Unlike other laser scanners, which almost always demand the purchase of a new piece of measuring equipment in conjunction with the scanner, Kreon lasers scanners can be easily retrofitted to almost any make or model of CMM and portable measuring arm, removing the need for unnecessary additional investment. This capability means laser scanning technology is now within reach of anyone that already has a CMM or portable arm.

The standard range of Zephyr scanners is available in 3 versions, all exhibiting similar characteristics. Point acquisition is extremely fast, at up to 30,000 points per second along the laser scan line. The Class II laser system is completely eye-safe, and in all cases is housed in a suitably small package weighing only 360 grams, such that operation is easily manageable. The Zephyr 25 is ideally suited to CNC CMM applications, where high accuracy feature measurement is required. The unit offers an accuracy of less than 5 microns, and can be mounted into a PH10 motorised head for full CNC measuring applications. The combination of the Zephyr 25 with Metrolog XG software is perfect for upgrading any type of CNC measuring machine.

For manual measuring applications, the Zephyr 50 and Zephyr 100 provide a compromise between ease of use and accuracy. For manual fixed bed CMM's, the Zephyr 50 provides high accuracy (around 5-10 microns) with a scan line of 50mm width, enabling rapid measurement over large areas with class leading accuracy. The Zephyr 100 is specifically designed for portable measuring arms, where accuracy of the measuring device is not as good as a fixed bed CMM. The Zephyr 100 laser scanner still offers a measuring accuracy of 15-50 microns, depending on application and measuring device, but is able to scan over an area of 100mm width, providing extremely rapid data acquisition, and outperforming all other laser scanners for both speed of data acquisition and accuracy. The Zephyr 100 can be easily fitted onto all types of portable measuring arm, including Faro, Romer, Cimcore, Garda, etc., plus several other portable measuring systems such as ActiCM. This completely removes the need to purchase a new arm, and provides the possibility for existing arm users to better utilise existing measuring equipment.

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