QMT Features: April 2016
Advanced manufacturing celebration
MACH 2016, the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies event, take place at the NEC, Birmingham, from 11 – 15 April
Stand space at the show was sold out well in advance and a total of 600 exhibitors will fill Halls 4 and 5 at the NEC.

MACH is unique in the UK as it showcases live working machinery and brings together leading manufacturers across a range of technologies including; milling, turning, metrology, additive manufacturing and tooling. A free seminar programme runs in two dedicated theatres and will feature talks by Airbus, Messier-Dowty, McLaren, Cranfield University and HS2.

As well as showcasing new technologies and the latest products, MACH will welcome the next generation of talent to the exhibition. A dedicated Learning and Development Zone, sponsored by Sandvik Coromant, will act as a base for student visitors as well as housing some key exhibits and a showcase of MTA Members’ apprentices and graduates at work.
QMT is MACH’s media partner, come and see us on Stand 5871.

Optical 3D metrology
On Stand 5919 Alicona will show its high resolution optical 3D metrology sensor head, combined with a six-axis, automatic or manual robot, provides users a with a flexible measurement solution for quality assurance applications. The 3D measurement sensor is ideal for production or defect inspection applications: it is resistant to vibration, ambient light and temperature variation in addition to being quick and easily integrated in existing systems.

With two different application possibilities, the 3D sensor can be easily optimised for inclusion in the process line. One option allows for the sensor to be mounted on a robot enabling it to approach various work pieces. Another option is manually moving the sensor head to the feature to be measured.

This fully integrated 3D metrology in production saves time and allows quality assurance to be included as an integral part of the manufacturing process. Using this technology, users are provided with important real-time information on the state the manufacturing process in addition to the product.

This is made possible through the rapid display of reliable measurement data, especially in industrial manufacturing. In just one measurement cycle, it is possible to measure and analyse at various positions.
A traffic light system immediately reports whether or not work pieces are within geometrical tolerances, enabling the early recognition of defective processes. In addition, a simple teaching functionality allows simple configuration of customized measuring sequences. The measurement process can be successfully implemented into different industries for inline measurement of critical surfaces. For example, in the tool industry the robot is used for verification of all cutting edges in only one measurement cycle. Numerous edge parameters including: radius, angle, form deviation, flash or diameter are measurable.

Roughness gauge
On Stand 5750, Blum Novotest will show its TC63-RG and TC64-RG DIGILOG surface finish gauges.
The new gauges are able to evaluate the surface roughness of the part whilst it remains clamped in the machine tool. This enables early detection of poor surface quality.

Reject parts are reduced by enabling immediate re-working whilst the part is still clamped in the machining or turning centre. This improves productivity, process reliability and it eliminates downstream testing processes.
The two systems have been developed to optimise the process for the end user. For example, the TC64-RG operates like a standard probing system whereby the measuring stylus is moved along uniform surfaces. This is ideal for monitoring the surfaces of parts machined on a 3-axis machine tool. In comparison, the TC63-RG system is completely modular and can be adapted and applied to 5-axis machine tools that are producing parts with complex features that may be difficult to reach with a standard probing system.

Biggest ever catalogue
As well as launching its biggest catalogue to date at the event, Bowers Group will be exhibiting a range of metrology products on stand number 5928. Visitors to the show are invited to bring their own material or components to be tested on the day by experts from Bowers, who will be providing working demonstrations of the latest measurement technology.
Visitors will have the opportunity to find out more about the range of precision measurement equipment available from Bowers Group, including a selection of products from Baty, Trimos, Sylvac, Gagemaker, Innovatest, Wyler and Accretech. There will also be an on stand promotion, with further details to be released nearer the event.

On display at Bowers Group’s stand will be a range of Sylvac products including the new Scan Vision System, a range of Bluetooth data transmission hand tools which includes calipers, micrometers, and digital indicators, along with the new UL4 ultra-light digital caliper and UNICAL2 ultra-light digital universal beam gauge.
A wide variety of optical products will be exhibited, including the new Sylvac Scan 52 machine, the Baty R400 FT2-E touch screen profile projector, and the new Bowers XT3 and XT3-BT bore gauge range. The Sylvac Hi-Cal 450 height gauge, the new Trimos V Series height gauges and a variety of Sylvac hand tools with Bluetooth displays will also be exhibited.

Also on show will be the Innovatest bench and portable hardness testers, along with the Accretech Rondcom Touch roundness checker and Handysurf portable surface roughness instruments, and a variety of Moore & Wright hand tools. In addition, the stand will have a selection of Wyler Levelling instruments, Gagemaker thread measuring devices, and a Trimos Labconcept Horizontal calibration machine. 

Smart 3D imaging for automation
FARO UK will have the advanced new highly-adaptable Cobalt Array making its debut at MACH on Stand 5910. 
The FARO Cobalt 3D Imager is a metrology-grade, non-contact scanner which utilises blue light technology to capture millions of high resolution 3D coordinate measurements in seconds.

An unlimited number of 3D imagers can be placed in array configurations virtually anywhere in a manufacturing process – all scanning simultaneously and controlled by a single computer – to significantly improve productivity and operations.
Suitable for integration within the production environment, Cobalt can also be installed in more conventional ways, such as in conjunction with a rotary table, robot, or industrial inspection cell.  Combining blue light projection, stereo cameras and powerful on-board processing, Cobalt captures and processes millions of 3D data points in seconds. With high resolution, automatic exposure and high dynamic range, Cobalt can handle complex parts with fine details, varying colors, textures and reflectivity. It then delivers fast and consistent measurements, independent of an operator, for tasks such as quality inspection and reverse engineering applications on parts, assemblies, and tools.

Coupled with FARO’s CAM2® Measure 10 software, an unlimited number of Cobalt sensors can simultaneously capture large surface areas or complex assemblies. The configurable field of view, intelligent on-board point cloud processing and resolution can adapt to multiple measurement needs. FARO says that for dedicated inspections of large products or assemblies, a fixed multiple imager array of Cobalt sensors will be faster, more easily integrated, more affordable, more accurate and easier to maintain than purchasing a robot-based imager or laser line system.

Robotic inspection cell

A fully-automated robotic inspection cell featuring a range of equipment for large volume measurement applications will be one of the highlights on Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence’s stand 5710. Also on show will be the Leica T-Scan 5 and the new Leica Absolute LAS-20-8 portable 3D laser scanner, which is designed to make gathering complex point-cloud data easier and quicker.

The measurement solutions provider will also be promoting its new GLOBAL EVO coordinate measuring machine, which features next generation technologies such as Compass, a combined hardware/firmware vibration reduction function, and Fly2 Mode which reduces program execution times by automatically generating and implementing the most efficient path between points.

Designed in collaboration with Pininfarina, the GLOBAL EVO improves speed without compromising on performance, making it ideal for accurate tactile scanning and high throughput. Other products at the show include the new ROMER Absolute Series 77 portable measuring arm which boasts better scanning and touch probe measurement accuracy, GLOBAL PIONEER entry-level CMM and OPTIV 443 multi-sensor vision machine.

Intended to provide absolute accuracy in high-end 3D measurement applications, the new 77 Series arm offers around 20% better scanning accuracy and 15% better touch-probe measurement accuracy than the existing 75 Series of ROMER Absolute Arm. Available in five sizes from 2.5 m to 4.5 m measuring volumes, the 77 Series features enhanced technology to offer best possible accuracy while retaining the arm’s user-friendly nature.

Multi-sensor machines
OGP UK will be displaying a range of machines including the Vantage 300 high-accuracy, high-throughput, multi-sensor measuring machine. The Vantage 300 uses interferometric laser scanning technology for improved optical performance and has integral tools that allow manufacturers to control dimensional production processes in one advanced high speed operation.

The Vantage 300 frees up valuable floor space and reduces purchase costs thanks to its multiple sensors that can do the job that previously required 4 or 5 separate devices.  The CNC 500 and the Flash 200 will also be on display which allow for automatic, multi sensor measurement in the most hostile of environments, designed to withstand the rigours of the production environment. Multi sensor deployment mechanisms allow for unmanned inspection and high component throughput. SmartScope CNC provides accurate, fast, reliable and automatic shop floor quality control.

Combining high resolution digital metrology with specially designed optics and lighting, the SNAP DM350 allows users to produce high accuracy images in shop floor conditions. The SNAP DM350 offers a large measuring range covering a variety of large volume parts with the added convenience of large field of view technology. Also making an appearance at the exhibition will be the Vici Vision MTL1. The MTL1 is designed for use on the shop floor to enable rapid feedback of part dimensions to the manufacturing process. With a wide measuring area of 300 x 60mm, the MTL1 is a practical and compact optical measuring machine for turned parts. 

Vision measurement probe
Making its UK trade show debut on the Renishaw stand (5730) is the RenAM 500M non-contact vision measurement probe system (RVP) for use with the REVO-2 5-axis measurement system on co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). RVP increases the multi-sensor capability of REVO-2 by adding non-contact inspection to the existing touch-trigger, high-speed tactile scanning and surface finish measurement capability of the system.

For certain applications, non-contact inspection provides clear advantages over traditional tactile probing techniques. Thin sheet metal parts, components with large numbers of holes (as small as 0.5 mm), and parts which are not suited to tactile measurement can now be fully inspected with the RVP system. This new innovation also gives exceptional improvements in throughput and CMM capability by utilising the 5-axis motion and infinite positioning provided by the REVO head.

At MACH 2016 Renishaw will also, for the first time in the UK, demonstrate its new INTUO™ gauging software which is now offered with the unique Equator system to simplify and automate the gauging of a wide variety of parts. The software removes dependence on skilled operators and presents a cost-effective alternative to multiple manual devices such as vernier or digital callipers, micrometres and plug gauges.

Renishaw will also be exhibiting its SPRINT system for high-speed, high-accuracy scanning on CNC machine tools. SPRINT records a constant stream of accurate 3D points across the part surface, and analyses this data in real time on the CNC machine tool controller, to provide game-changing opportunities for automated in-process control.
Renishaw will also be demonstrating its new linear diagonal measurement kit for its XL-80 laser measurement system.

Productivity developments
On Stand 4951 Zeiss will be focusing on its developments in products and applications, showcasing how these can assist in achieving customer satisfaction and maximised productivity. From electron microscopy through to multi-sensor CMMs, Zeiss aims to provide customers with the right solution for their problem, through their fully-equipped portfolio of systems.

A new feature on the stand this year will be the introduction of an automated production-ready system. This is designed to demonstrate how Zeiss instruments such as the Duramax can offer a complete solution, capable of seamlessly integrating with automation systems and thus dramatically improving workflow.

Tool pre-setting
Zoller UK will feature its latest tool pre-setters on Stand 5764. The company says it produces the world’s most precise tool pre-setting, measurement and management systems to offer both small and large businesses cost-effective solutions for efficient processes, as well as measurement solutions for new tools, materials and processing technologies to streamline their advanced manufacturing techniques.

The range on show at MACH will include the Venturion, which offers enhanced structural integrity to accommodate tooling weights up to 60kg, together with the capability to meet all tool setting and inspection requirements, and providing repeatable accuracy of 0,002mm thanks to the A.C.E. (Auto Clamping Element) spindle and CNC Auto Focus.
Also on show will be the Smile, Zoller’s general purpose pre-setter with guaranteed accuracy and repeatability. The easy-to-operate pre-setter offers auto focus capabilities, and allows for seamless transfer of data to machine tools thanks to control specific output, which cuts out operator intervention.

Zoller will also be showcasing the Genius universal measuring machine for metal cutting tools. The Genius enables users to check tools quickly, simply and extremely precisely and then document the results in great detail directly to the grinding machines at the push of a button. The Genius saves valuable time during work preparation and programming, which prevents troublesome reworks, ensuring quality results every time.
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