QMT News: November 2008
SME Aerospace conference at Aerotest America 2008
Some of the topics to be covered at this month’s SME's Aerospace Measurement, Inspection & Analysis Conference.to be held Aerostest America 2008, Fort Worth, USA,18 20th November include;  Measurement & Inspection - First Article Inspection - Beyond the Gauges The presentation will examine key characteristic of GD&T conformance during fabrication and assembly operations.

The speaker, Tim Shinbara, Jeremy Barrows, Northrop Grumman, will look at  how modern military aircraft, such as the F22 and F35, rely on precision technology to insure their survival in the modern battlefield. Some of the criteria to insure survival, performance, and affordability are the need to fabricate and assemble the airframe with precision located features and datum points. As assembly is completed in each section of the aircraft, key characteristics are measured to insure conformance to the allowable standard.

Other presentations include: Measurement Experiment Using CMMs. This presentation, by John Rivers, Rivers Precision LLC, USA, will review the results of measuring the size and location of 15 features on a specially constructed test specimen. This specimen and a drawing were given to 11 different CMM operators using 11 different machines. The results were assembled on a spread sheet to easily compare the findings. The presenter will explain the test specimen as to how it represents feature that are measured in the real world of manufacturing and then review the report with discussion as to why variations occurred. Also shown and discussed will be a few examples of actual production part problems as they relate to the experiment.

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