QMT News: March 2007
Editor's comment

Welcome to the first issue of Quality Manufacturing Today - the newest print and on-line magazine dedicated to providing a voice for quality in manufacturing industry. In the last fifteen years or so, manufacturing industry quality control and quality assurance technologies, strategies and vision, have undergone a revolution - or rather a series of different revolutions. First there was the quality management revolution, with a raft of globally renowned gurus - Deming, Juran and Crosby etc - successfully promoting the message that you can’t inspect quality in post process - and so we all went Lean. A myriad of different techniques, from Kaizen to Six Sigma now drive quality improvement and waste elimination manufacturing, with dramatic results on productivity, quality and cost. Those who didn’t get the message are no longer around. Add to this the revolution in supporting technologies in and around the production and design process, from web enabled quality systems to digital manufacturing measurement, test and inspection techniques, and you get a glimpse of how exciting the world of quality has become. And we haven’t even looked at the migration of all this to non-traditional sectors, such as medical, food process industries, civil engineering and pharmaceutical sectors.

Suffice to say there’s plenty for a new magazine concerned with quality issues in manufacturing to tackle.

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