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QMT Products: October 2016
Shopfloor surface gauge

The 4D Technology 4D InSpec Surface Gauge is a handheld, non-contact instrument that measures precision machined surface defects with micrometre-level resolution.

TD’s patented technology allows rapid measurements that are unaffected by the vibration present in most manufacturing environments, so repeatable precision surface measurement can be made in factory floor, machine shop and field service environments.  In the past, QA/QC personnel have often relied on visual comparison techniques to determine the severity of surface defects. Nanoscale surface metrology systems can provide more reliable data, but can be expensive, slow and susceptible to environmental factors.

The 4D says the InSpec fundamentally changes how precision surface measurement is accomplished by enabling direct inspection of large and small components, right on the shop floor.

Rugged and lightweight, the handheld gauge has a single cable tether to its computer and is designed to handle the rigors of daily use. The system measures surface defects between 0.1 and 100mm deep on a wide variety of part geometries. Its design makes it easy to access tight corners or reach across large surfaces and a ‘fold mirror’ attachment enables borescope-like access to features without direct line of sight.
A complete 4D InSpec system includes the handheld gauge, computer, touchscreen display and software.
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