QMT Features: April 2008
MACH 2008 preview
MACH 2008, 21 - 25th April, at the NEC, Birmingham, is the UK’s biggest show for manufacturing technologies and provides a showcase for measurement, test and inspection innovation.

For Wenzel UK, MACH 2008 will see the launch in the UK of two new products and the launch of its newly developed Wenzel UK website.
For the first time, Wenzel UK will demonstrate the Renishaw Revo high speed scanning probe, integrated onto the Wenzel LH 10-8 CMM. The full capability of the Revo system for high speed scanning will be demonstrated on the measurement of turbine blades as well as a range of engine components. The new Wenzel Scan & Go non contact scanning system from Wenzel will also be on show for the very first time. With its complete solution Scan & Go, Wenzel has created an economical way to non-contact scan and process work piece data for reverse engineering or comparison to nominal CAD files. Scan & Go comprises an appropriately sized Wenzel CMM, and a compact laser line scanner, Shapeptracer which quickly collects point clouds from work pieces. This data is then processed using the Pointmaster software package. Pointmaster can then create surface models or compare the point clouds to nominal CAD data. The unique feature of Scan & Go, says Martin Hawkins of Wenzel UK, is that it does this work at less than half the price of its competitors.
Wenzel Stand 5619

Leica Geosystems will be showing its all-new Leica Absolute Tracker product line. Weighing just 22 kg [48 lbs] and with a height of 62 cm [2 ft], the new Absolute Tracker is the most compact laser tracker from Leica Geosystems to-date. It is robust, accurate, requires low maintenance and is thermally stable.
The Leica Absolute Tracker family comprises three laser tracker systems. Leica AT901-Basic is an entry-level laser tracker with a measurement volume of up to 80 m. It is the ideal laser tracker for basic applications in which measurements with just a corner cube are preferred.
Leica AT901-MR is a midrange laser tracker with 6DOF [6 Degrees of Freedom] capabilities, meaning it works in conjunction with the Leica Geosystems T-Products such as Leica T-Probe, Leica T-Scan and Leica TMac. When coupled to the T-Products, the Leica AT901-MR can operate in a measurement volume of up to 18 m. When inspecting with a corner cube, the measurement volume goes up to 50 m. It is the ideal laser tracker for automotive applications, say Leica, allowing the placement of several bodies-in-white within its measurement envelope.
Leica AT901-LR is the top-of- the-line Absolute Tracker both in terms of measurement volume and application flexibility. When measuring with the T-Products, the Leica AT901-LR works in a volume of up to 30m. The measurement volume reaches a full 80 m when used with a corner cube. Due to its large measurement volume and T-Products capabilities, the Leica AT901-LR is suited for tooling, part mating and inspection applications in the aerospace industry.
Leica Geosystems Stand 5478

FARO UK will present its broad range of portable measuring machines at MACH.2008. David Homewood, area vice president for the UK and France says, "This year we will have numerous new products to showcase like the Quantum FaroArm which measures accurately to within ±.018 mm - a fifth the width of a human hair! In addition we have recently launched the Fusion FaroArm - an entry-level model with ±.036 mm accuracy at a very competitive market price."
FARO have also recently launched it's new FARO ScanArm which is 30-percent more accurate, 33-percent lighter in weight, and offers better performance in scanning dark or reflective surfaces than the company's V2 models.
The most recent innovation will also be showcased at MACH in Birmingham: the new software for the FaroArm and Laser Tracker - CAM2 Q. FARO's product range also includes the FARO Laser Scanner, featured on page 22.
Faro stand 5620.

Mitutoyo UK will be highlighting QuantuMike, a high-speed micrometer with 2 mm feed per spindle revolution for faster measurement.
Conventional digital micrometer leadscrews need a fine pitch, typically 0.5 mm, to give enough mechanical magnification for the miniature rotary encoder on the spindle to achieve the required resolution. This makes the micrometer slow to adjust when taking measurements and checking the origin point. This can be frustrating for the user and is a factor that limits measurement efficiency.
QuantuMike overcomes this limitation by combining a precision 2mm-pitch leadscrew with an innovative high-resolution electromagnetic induction rotary encoder to increase adjustment speed by up to 4 times, giving the user a much better measurement experience and enabling a real increase in productivity.
Although productivity gains depend heavily on the type of measurements made and their spacing within the measurement range, the results of tests on a stepped shaft showed that QuantuMike (photo left) measured the workpiece 2.4 times faster than a standard digital micrometer.
The patented ratchet thimble mechanism helps ensure repeatable results by transmitting microvibrations along the spindle to the contact face to provide a constant measuring force and encourage good contact with the workpiece. The ratchet works from the thimble as well as the speeder so it is always easy to use - even when making measurements one-handed. The sound of the ratchet provides the user with a sense of confidence and the speeder enables the rapid spindle feed needed when measuring widely different dimensions.
Specification includes measurements made to an accuracy of ±2 µm/0.0001" throughout the range. QuantuMike 1"/0-25mm and 1-2"/25-50mm models are available, both with and without data output and are IP 65 protected.
Mitutoyo Stand 5657

Bowers Metrology Group will be exhibiting its largest ever range of new instruments at MACH, including the company's recently launched, most accurate bore gauge to date, the sub-micron capable Ultima range. Also making a debut will be Bowers' multi-purpose UniCal range. Designed toperform a large variety of internal/external measuring tasks, the flexible range features include a large digital display, preset facility, constant measuring force, metric/inch conversion, RS 232 data output and a wide choice of standard accessories.
Bowers Group Stand 5510


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