QMT Features: April 2010
Step forward in 3D
Metrology specialists, GOM, are entering the field of 3D inspection software with a new stand alone solution, GOM Inspect Professional, being launched at Control 2010.

A changing customer manufacturing and metrology environment has led GOM to identify a number of critical software areas which could lead to significant process efficiencies and integrity improvements.

One problematic area identified is where heterogeneous measuring systems lead to different measuring solutions within a department. Data evaluation is also typically performed with different software solutions, reducing the ability to easily exchange data. Different software solutions also require the user to handle different workflows for different applications. This can create drastic inefficiencies, especially where there are operatives with differing levels of skills and competencies. 

Measurement results, evaluations and reports are often only available in closed data formats. Thus it cannot be guaranteed that such data is available in the long term or useable after a few years. 

Another key area of concern is traceability. Inspection results which influence production processes are not usually traceable; for example, it is normally impossible to track operator errors. This reduces the overall process safety and integrity of the metrology drastically.   GOM’s new Inspect Professional software incorporates these areas: 

  • Parametric inspection: measuring tasks can easily be repeated and automated. There is now no distinction between single part and multi part evaluation. Extending parametric inspection is GOM's Teaching By Doing concept. Instead of using a macro engine, every single element knows its path of creation within the software structure. Thus Teaching By Doing provides all actions and evaluation steps without the need for scripting, advanced planning or user intervention
  • Multi Part Inspection: the result is identical workflows for single and multiple part evaluation. Every step is completely traceable and interlinked and can be easily modified or adjusted.  In addition to identical workflows for single and multiple part evaluation, the GOM Software reduces programming time to zero. This means no additional programming time for multiple part evaluation is required. In addition, no programming knowledge is required. Out of box multiple part analysis enables automation of workflows for all user levels and abilities, saving time and cost for multiple part evaluation.  
  • Traceability: deep and comprehensive traceability, from result back to measurement programme creation, to increase overall process safety The exact creation parameters, measurement and point selection of any element is known, can be traced back to origin and checked. For example, the original selection parameters to create a plane which formed a datum for all GD&T elements, or the exact coordinates of and RPS-Point for an alignment, can be traced. This traceability ensures that the delivered results are created in exactly the way expected.   - Open data formats:  all input and export formats are now be based on open formats, guaranteeing future data accessibility and compatibility.

GOM European sales director,  Dirk Behring, comments, “GOM Inspect Professional is a completely new software package which offer comprehensive features and functions also for third party data sets such as laser scanners, CTs, CMMs and so on. These features and functions represent a big step forward for our customers as this offers a future proof inspection approach

We are now providing a complete solution from one source which also covers measuring planning with what we call, the Virtual Measuring Room which is a virtual but functional representation of the real world measuring environment. Industrial customers will be able to handle everything within one software package including: offline programming; data capture; polygonization; inspection; and reporting.”

The Virtual Measuring Room supports the industrial integration of automated quality control cells over multiple departments and locations  It guides the operator when teaching shortening inspection ramp-up times  and can  optimize robot sequence for a higher level of safety  Inspection information about measurement, evaluation and reporting move with the part ensuring no data loss - there is one transportable file containing all information from CAD to finished part  “GOM Inspect Professional  is absolutely unique to the metrology market – typically there are multiple packages being used for the different steps which reduce the efficiency of iterations,” says Dirk Behring. “Understanding that time is money, we are supporting industry by reducing these iteration cycles.”l
email: d.behring@gom.com


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