QMT Features: May 2010
MACH 2010 Preview
A preview of MACH 2010,  the UKs premier international exhibition for manufacturing technologies - being held at the NEC,
 Birmingham, 7-11 June 2010.

MACH 2010 exhibition takes place in very challenging times with UK manufacturing facing difficult market circumstances. Nevertheless, if ever there was a time for manufacturing to be valued, now is that time. Manufacturing has moved up the political agenda and we all look forward to a more sustained commitment to investment in this sector.

An independent survey commissioned in February 2010 by MACH organisers, the MTA,  indicates a huge proportion of visitors to MACH2010 plan to purchase new manufacturing equipment over the next 3 years. When asked how much they plan to spend, over 83% said up to £250,000 in the second half of 2010 and nearly 71% were expecting to spend the same again in 2011.

However, the high attendance of 27,000 achieved by MACH 2008 is going to be difficult to beat  but the MTA, are going all out to make it a success.

New zones
New specialist zones are set to increase the appeal of the show to a wider audience of visitors and exhibitors from the engineering based manufacturing sector.
A Preferred Suppliers Zone will showcase the best of the UK’s subcontracting sector. Featuring  UK subcontractors, the zone aims to encourage visitors to use British suppliers.

A Grinding Solutions Zone will  cover all aspects of grinding and metal finishing from the latest production machines and grinding wheels to deburring, honing, abrasives and polishing.

The Solutions for Business Zone is an entirely new venture for MACH which will provide visitors (and exhibitors) with a number of business advisory services, offering information and assistance on all aspects of commerce and industry.
A fourth Zone for Education and Training has been launched to  encourage more young talent to consider engineering based manufacturing as a career. The dedicated Education and Training Zone is aimed at school and college students visiting the show. Once in the MACH 2010 Education and Training Zone schools with pupils aged 14-16 will be given managed tours to enable them to fully experience MACH 2010 whilst older students will be provided with educational packs produced by DTEP (Design and Technology Educational Partnership) which include details of a self-guided tour. 

 The centrepiece of the zone will be the widely acclaimed University of Sheffield AMRC with Boeing MANufacturing TRAnsporter (MANTRA)  - a specially equipped 14m long lorry designed to give aspiring young engineers a hands on experience with real, leading-edge manufacturing technologies.

Also part of the Zone will be the Bloodhound Supersonic Car, a British Gliding Association’s Simulator  and Formula Gravity - the builders and producers of downhill racing car kits for schools and colleges which will inspire students and teachers in the fields of engineering and motorsport. ABB Robotics - a leading supplier of industrial robots – will provide the chance to get hands-on and see how robots are used everyday in the workplace.

Graham Shearsmith, MACH 2010 exhibition manager commented, "The Education and Training Zone is a brand new venture for the show and marries together industry's need for new blood and one of the MTA's key objectives - to encourage talent. We're delighted that the AMRC's MANTRA will form the centrepiece of the new zone as it will provide the wow factor necessary to engage the minds of the audience we hope to attract."
Schools interested in registering for a visit to the zone please get in touch with Nick Stamp on 020 7298 6408 or nstamp@mta.org.uk.

Measurement and Inspection
Measurement and inspection companies are strongly represent at MACH2010.  Renishaw  (stand 5439) will be demonstrating its new PH20 5-axis head for touch-trigger inspection on CMMs, delivering up to a three-fold increase in throughput
Renishaw expects the PH20 to transform inspection performance on a wide range of co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs). Utilising technology developed for its REVO measurement system, the PH20 probe head offers ‘head touches’ for rapid touch-trigger measurement, and fast infinite 5-axis positioning for optimal feature access. Its compact design makes it suitable for new CMM purchases and as a retrofit to the vast majority of existing CMM touch-trigger installations.

The new PH20 probe head features adaptive positioning to accommodate part misalignment, fast calibration routines, and an integral TP20 probe mount that optimises the working volume of the CMM, bringing 5-axis capability to smaller machines for the first time.

By incorporating the Renishaw TP20 touch-trigger probe, users of the PH20 probe head will have access to a range of proven probe modules, providing a wide selection of trigger forces, directional sensing options and extensions to meet application requirements.  Companies with existing TP20 systems will be able to upgrade to PH20 and utilise their existing modules*.

Brian Gow, Renishaw’s CMM marketing manager said, ”Whilst REVO has set the benchmark for 5-axis scanning measurement on larger CMMs, the exciting aspect of the new PH20 probe head is that it opens up access to our new technologies for most existing users of CMMs. Like REVO, PH20 minimises CMM motion, therefore reducing dynamic CMM errors, and its rapid ‘head touches’ mean measurement points are taken much faster using only the rotary motion of the head. The result is improved accuracy, repeatability, and significantly improved inspection throughput, with parts measured up to three times faster than current touch-trigger systems.” Wenzel (stand 5639) will be amongst the CMM manufacturers at MACH who will be demonstrating the capability of the PH20 probe head on its Wenzel LH54 CMM.

At MACH, TESA (stand 5540)  will exhibit TESA-SCAN 52 REFLEX -Click,  a breakthrough in the field of turned parts.  TESA-SCAN 52 REFLEX -Click enables the user to measure round symmetrical parts without any prior knowledge of programming whatsoever. Place the part, press the button and the part is scanned. The results (lengths, diameters, angles, radii, etc.) will be displayed and a measuring program created. Using the mouse “Click” on the measurement that has been taken, the user can drag it to any reference position and the program will be modified automatically. If a part has already been programmed by the machine it is automatically recognised and recalled.
Spectrum Metrology (stand 5635 ) is launching a range of innovative, high precision optical and multi-sensor Measuring Instruments at Mach this year, designed by German based optical specialists Dr Heinrich Schneider Messtechnik. 

The VideoCAD 2D Optical Measuring device, is especially suited to profiles made of plastic, aluminium, wood, rubber and metal as well as stamped parts of any kind.  The software allows not only geometries to be recorded (lengths, diameters, radii, angles) but also CAD comparisons, 2D bestfit and prototype inspections.  A combination of transmitted and incident light ensures that all visible contours can be measured, even on parts composed of more than one type of material.   The ultra-high resolution optics on the VideoCAD ensures distortion-free measurement.    The entry level VideoCAD system is a portable device for objects up to 80x60mm in size; VideoCAD3 is a larger system which can be integrated into the production process and measures objects up to 225x168mm. 

Using the dedicated Saphir software all measurement sequences can be pre-programmed to allow unskilled operators to carry out measurements at the touch of a button, giving a complete copy of the measurement object compatible with DXF files.  Further processing is then possible right up to the point of a VDA/ISO first sample inspection report.

Debuting from Third Dimension (stand 5655) at this year’s MACH exhibition is  the GapGun Robot+ system.  Based upon GapGun BSE handheld technology, GapGun Robot+ further increases speed and simplifies inspection of complex geometries allowing turbine disc and blade edge conditions to be inspected with high precision faster than ever before.  GapGun Robot+ has the same surface finish capability of handheld GapGun systems so even bright machined components can be inspected.  The system is also fully scalable, so both small and large components can be inspected and compared to nominal conditions, allowing the system to automatically accept or reject parts based upon programmable tolerances.

Vision Engineering (stand 5638) will be showcasing their new  Falcon video measuring solution with computed numerically controlled (CNC) option; and the Mantis Elite-Cam – a stereo inspection system with ‘eyepieceless’ viewing head, now with a built-in camera for digital image capture, and onscreen measurement software. 

The new Falcon video measuring solution has a wide range of measuring applications including 3-axis measurement of precision machined component parts, with its CAD import and export facility and advanced data analysis, including PC software integration.  With touchscreen technology, the Falcon can be programmed easily and quickly for accurate, repeatable and reproducible measurements in microns - the CNC capability allows users to benefit from an automated measurement facility. 


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