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Bowers Group has supplied voestalpine Rotec Ltd with a Trimos V5 Height Gauge to ensure the accurate measurement of machined tubular components for the automotive industry.

Even the smallest traces of microbiological contaminants can multiply during the brewing process, so it is vital to maintain highest levels of hygiene to produce consistently high quality beer. To help ensure adequate levels of cleanliness, stainless steel remains the material of choice for brewing-plant. The specific alloys that are most often used are AISI 304 and 316, which are very corrosion resistant and are essentially inert to beer.

Emily Mitchell a palaeontologist from the University of Cambridge, is using a hand-held laser from Manchester Metrology LTD to map thousands of large, complex fossils — dating from about 560 million years ago — along the Bonavista Peninsula coastline in Little Catalina in Newfoundland, Canada.

Additive Manufacturing (AM) goes beyond 3D printing. It has evolved into a production and manufacturing technology that displaces or complements conventional processes in an increasing number of applications in aerospace and defence (A&D) as well as other industries.

The  31st edition of the Control trade show, which runs from 9 to 13 May at  the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre will have over 900 exhibitors from 30  c

Remote visual inspection (RVI) is a valuable tool when inspecting complex equipment, reducing cost and time, avoiding the need to disassemble critical components such as gas turbines and piping infrastructure. Since videoscopes face the challenge of fitting complex optical and digital imaging equipment into the compact tip of the scope, inspection and measurement capabilities have traditionally been limited. However, in light of technological advances in miniaturisation, digital imaging quality and data processing power, the next generation of videoscope has progressed RVI to a new level.

In the TV series ‘Pompeii New Secrets Revealed’ presenter Mary Beard, renowned classicist and TV historian, explored what life was like in one of the world’s most extraordinary and iconic archaeological sites.

Adding extra stiffness to a car body can improve vehicle handling performance and the subjective driving experience, but established measurement techniques or computer-aided engineering (CAE) fail to explain this relationship.

How do you determine the diameter of a seal-energising spring after manufacture, while it is still an irregular loop of coil with its ends welded together and not yet formed into a circle by the seal it will eventually strengthen? The standard options are traditional circular go / no-go gauges for a specific size of large spring or a conical step gauge rising in one millimeter increments for a family of smaller sizes. However, Redditch-based Clifford Springs has established a more accurate process using a Nikon Metrology iNEXIV VMA-4540 CNC video measuring machine.

My own experience goes back to the Defence Standards through BS 5750 and then on to ISO 9001. This is the route whereby Quality Assurance standards have evolved over the years into the latest version which uses the ISO annex SL format (10 Sections). It is instructive to note that Quality Assurance has become Quality Management.

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