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SuperAlloy Industrial Company (SAI) relies on the precision metrology of Renishaw machine tools to produce its lightweight forged wheels and car chassis components to the standards required by the world’s leading car manufacturers.

In space flight the first eight minutes are critical; this is when the greatest opposing forces of thrust and gravity are impacting the launch vehicle. The new NASA Space Launch System (SLS) will weigh 2,500 tonnes at liftoff, or roughly the weight of eight fully loaded 747 jets. Everything comes down to weight and the integrity of design and fabrication to insure success - lighter the launch vehicle greater the payload.

Additive manufacture gives designers and engineers an extraordinary degree of freedom, allowing complex shapes and components to be produced in a single operation. However, it is that geometric complexity which makes NDT difficult.

ARGON has been selected by Airbus to realise a turnkey automated inspection cell for A330 & A380 jet engine pylons in the Saint-Eloi Satellite site in France. This new inspection cell complements an existing Saint-Eloi cell, which already runs on ARGON-developed automated inspection cycles. Furthermore, ARGON is also integrating metrology solutions enabling measurement assisted pylon assembly.

While electronic sensor technology is well established for rigid devices, innovative devices such as flexible phones and wearable technology must also overcome the challenge of maintaining electrical integrity during flexing and stretching. In the design of new devices, one approach to flexibility is to overlay rigid electronic components on a deformable substrate, linking these via conducting interconnects.

Teams from all over the globe compete in the Australian World Solar Challenge, including the World Champion Dutch Nuon Solar team with its Nuna8 solar car. 

Composite materials are becoming increasingly popular in the aerospace and automotive industries due to their lightweight properties. Developing new composite material products quickly and efficiently is, therefore, the main objective of the manufacturing companies working in these industries. Several problems can, however, impact the production of composite material pieces that, once completed, will not meet the customer’s requirements. Portable metrology solutions—and, more specifically, optical portable CMMs—help resolve the problems and challenges of composite material manufacturing. 

Originally established to supply the nearby Nissan Motor Manufacturing Manufacturing plant with seating systems on a Just-in-Time basis, the success of Lear Corporation’s Sunderland factory recently prompted a further multi-million-pound investment. To enable the busy facility to keep-pace with growing demand, the Corporation has extended its Sunderland plant by a further 3,500sqm and installed additional state-of-the-art production and testing equipment. The new extension has increased Lear Sunderland’s capacity by over 300,000 car seats per year, taking the plant’s total capacity to more than 600,000 per annum.

Teledyne Labtech’s circuits can be found in many demanding applications including defence electronics, air traffic control systems, global telecommunications and satellite communications systems. Its special expertise is in the manufacturing of complex microwave PCBs, from double-sided PTFE, Mixed Dielectric Multilayer PCBs, through to complex metal-cored PCBs. The company also offers plated through holes (PTH), blind and buried vias, laser cut cavities, embedded resistors and connectors.

Once that you have performed the measurement, and collected and communicated the data, you may feel that the task is complete.  However, in order to ensure that the next measurement task is not delayed, you need to ensure that you leave the measuring instruments so that they are fit for purpose for their next operation.

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