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A manufacturer of universal 3D measuring machines is using high precision laser profile scanners and laser displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon to measure the surface profiles and position of rotary pistons.

A single PLC module proved to be the key in unlocking the production efficiencies at a pioneering hydraulic specialist. The technical support team at LC Automation suggested Plymouth-based Kawasaki Precision Machinery (KPM) would reap numerous benefits by utilising a Mitsubishi MES module (manufacturing execution system).

InfinityQS International, provider of real-time quality control solutions, has announced that four out of the top five ranked companies on the 2011 Food Processing's Top 100 list, released in Aug. 2011, are using InfinityQS' ProFicient to reduce production costs and control global quality. The annual report rates food companies in the United States and Canada on sales and profitability. These four leading food and beverage manufacturers have deployed InfinityQS' software in large, multi-site implementations. Several high profile food recalls in recent years have put a focus on food safety and public health. With InfinityQS' solutions, food and beverage manufacturers can take a proactive approach to quality assurance and mitigate the risk of recalls by monitoring real-time process data for abnormalities. ProFicient is a flexible, easy-to-use advanced data analysis platform that gives manufacturers complete visibility into process capabilities. The solution provides real-time intelligence that allows manufacturers to achieve the dual goals of producing a safe, consistent product while lowering costs associated with product waste and giveaway. ProFicient supports the specific requirements for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) mandated by the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) as well as the USDA's Sanitation and Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP). InfinityQS' Dynamic Scheduler ensures 100 percent compliance by alerting operators to upcoming scheduled tasks and allowing companies to implement a dynamic sampling workflow. The recent release of ProFicient version 4.4 further enhances food and beverage manufacturers' abilities to drive the quality aspects of OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) and provides new tools that enforce global quality standards throughout manufacturing and the supply chain. "It's no coincidence that InfinityQS customers are consistently ranked as the top food manufacturers-- they have active quality control programs that continually produce results," said Michael A. Lyle, President and CEO of InfinityQS. "We work closely with leading food and beverage manufacturers to develop software tools, such as Dynamic Scheduler, that provide complete visibility into their operations and assure the safety and quality of the food products they produce."


Jean-Louis Evans, Managing Director at TÜV SÜD Product Service, a global product testing and certification organisation, and at its sister company, British Approvals Board of Telecommunications (BABT), the world's leading radio and telecommunications certification body

China’s Great Wall Motor Company has selected aesthetica, from Icona Solution, for use in perceived quality studies on all of its future vehicle programmes.

The need for manufacturers to focus on compliance and traceability initiatives is increasing significantly across the globe as commercial pressures grow to meet regulatory mandates. By mitigating the risk of product recalls, reducing manufacturing costs and quality controlling end-to-end traceability of processes, organisations will also be able to successfully reduce inefficiencies within the supply chain.

Confocal displacement sensors from Micro-Epsilon are being used to accurately measure the diameter of round and oval stainless steel pipe destined for use as catalytic converters for passenger cars.

eMMA Reporter, Kronion’s process analysis solution of quality data in manufacturing lines, has been rolled out at additional BMW facilities. It gives control over the manufacturing quality, based on the tolerances of product design data, within all assembly stages and manufacturing cells.

The A400M or "grey giant" project is the biggest carbon fibre wings assembly project in the Airbus Group and is a major step for the future assembly project of the A350. Features such as electronic flight controls, carbon composite structures and an automated handling system will bring new standards of operability and safety to military aircrews. The 600 M Euros investment for the factory should see an annual production of 28 aircraft once the high output is achieved.

Plastics laboratory staff spend a considerable proportion of their time conducting tensile, flexure and impact tests, together with other mechanical standard tests used to determine material characteristic values. For these routine, everyday tests Zwick can offer an easy route into automation: the roboTest H robotic testing system for impact testing and roboTest B for tensile or flexure tests.

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