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Vibration measurement and analysis of extremely small and lightweight systems that would be impossible with traditional accelerometer based techniques is handled well by non-contact Laser Doppler Vibrometers, according to ASDEC.

Innomech has designed and developed a new fully automated test system to help Owen Mumford, a global leader in medical device design and manufacturing, to carry out more efficient batch testing as a final verification of quality for one of its leading auto-injector products. The new system will help significantly speed up product release for shipment and is more than 5 times faster than a previously semi-automated process that needed five different pieces of test equipment, each with its own specially-trained operator.

Between image capture and analysis lies the essential, but sometimes overlooked, step of image processing. Markus Fabich* of Olympus discusses the importance of filter methods in ensuring consistent and comparable images for quantitative digital light microscopy.

To reduce weight and fuel consumption, the aerospace industry increasingly relies on lightweight materials and new material combinations. That’s why the entire fuselage of the new Airbus A350 XWB consists of carbon fibre composite (CFC) materials. In total, 53% of the long-haul aircraft is made from CFC, with the remainder including titanium and new aluminum alloys. As a result, the A350 consumes about one quarter less fuel than conventionally constructed aircrafts

He explains that “Business needs to get away from the notion that all measurement is correct, because there is a probability that our measurements are incorrect. Therefore, we should understand the probability density function of our data and then quantify the probability and bias.”  This information on how our measurement process is behaving is critical to the understanding of the process under study.

Industrial CT technology is improving very quickly. While a few single CT slices could take hours to generate years ago, it is now possible to reconstruct complete 3D models with billions of Voxels (three dimensional Pixels), in just seconds. This opens the door for numerous new applications like 3D inline automatic defect recognition, 3D reverse engineering, rapid prototyping, 3D metrology, and so on, so it has now become a very competitive technology for 3D scanning.

Our last article (published in June’s QMT) looked at the measurement considerations that will allow you to make better measurements in the workplace, outlining the advice NPL gives to measurement professionals at the preliminary stages of the measurement process. In this article we examine the next step of the process, when professionals are preparing to take a measurement.

Dinesh Prajapati, a director of Leicester-based subcontract machinists, Nisan Engineer, takes the view that there is no point machining a component if you cannot check that it is within tolerance. His problem though was that parts were becoming increasingly difficult to inspect after the company which traditionally used 3-axis CNC machining centres, installed a 4-axis horizontal-spindle model in 2013 and a 5-axis vertical machining centre in August last year.

Contract manufacturer Express Engineering has installed a massive co-ordinate measuring machine (CMM) to undertake the rapid and accurate inspection of large oil and gas components. To enable oversize components to stand upright when being measured, the CMM was modified by an extended Z axis and a 1.2m diameter hole bored through its granite measuring table.

Ardor Engineering Ltd specialises in the production of high-quality, precision machined components in materials that include superalloys and other exotics for customers in sectors that include nuclear, oil & gas and defence.  recent move to new premises doubled the company’s floor-space, allowing it to add new CNC machine tools and increase output.

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